Updated 11/2013
"Katarina graces the screen with classic beauty and poise reminiscent of the silver screen stars of yesteryear. Much to my delight as a movie-geek, she never ceased to deliver that Ingrid Bergman presence or Bette Davis style as the character called for a timeless appeal. Happy to be on set, she can lighten the load of everyone with her smile and turn on a dime into her character when the cameras are rolling. Her acting appears effortless while somehow maintaining an excellent attention to detail and integrity to the character she's playing. If you're fortunate enough to act opposite her you will be granted the greatest gift an actor can receive from their scene partner... an actress who can listen and react while raising the stakes of the performance quality for both of you. She knows when she needs another take and will continue to apply her time and energy, without complaint, to perfecting her own performance thus creating an easy environment for the director as an observer rather than a manipulator. Making movies is never glamorous and having an actress willing to get physically pushed to the limit every day with the hours and action required can be almost impossible. Katarina breaks that mold, without exception, for every fall, for every shot that takes many takes and for every lost night of sleep. She truly gave WHISKEYBLUE a level of production value unparalleled in independent filmmaking."
-Jeffrey Grellman, director of WHISKEY BLUE

"Katarina Fabic plays a beautifully sultry prostitute…"
– Michel Scott Moore, SF Weekly (re: LA RONDE)

"Katarina Fabic is a delightful (and beautiful) prostitute, giggling and flirty, feigning an innocence just ripe for corruption."
– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Examiner (re: LA RONDE)

"Your gutsy, original performance showed us the endless possibilities of what we do in theatre: amaze the audience!"
–Jeff Nishimura, director of FEAR AND MISERY OF THE THIRD REICH, Theatre Rhubarb

"Thanks for making my movie better."
–Caveh Zahedi, director of I AM A SEX ADDICT, winner of IFC Gotham award

"Katarina, your Harlequin was, for lack of better words, "de poca madre".your creativity glows on stage."
- Hector Zavala, director of WHEN FIVE YEARS PASS

"Katarina Fabic stood out as a sly, sophisticated Persephone"
(read full review here)
- Dionysos Reviews (re: THE FROGS")