Updated 11/2013

Films~ (partial list)

JEANNE Supporting Independent Alex Raiman
JOB’S DAUGHTER Supporting Knesset Pictures Emilio Roso
LIMANTOUR Lead PictureStartEdit John Douglas White
WHAT REMAINS Lead SF Art and Film Max Sokoloff
LA GROUP Ensemble Carrie Madsen Gerold Fathom
IN THE QUIET HOUR Lead SF ART  and FILM Max Sokoloff
FOUR CUPS OF JOE Supporting Scotts Valley Media Brandon Butrick
THE WATERS Supporting Jeromy Shafer Presents Poumare Sio
EVERYTHING MUST GO Supporting Birdsong Pictures Ltd. Len Dell’Amico
AMERICAN HOPE Supporting Red Wagon Films Dan Carlson
WHISKEY BLUE Lead Grellman Films Jeffrey Grellman   
KNOCKED UP: An Independent Lead Imaginative Productions Shari Carlson&Katarina Fabic
ALICE IN STORAGELAND Supporting SOMAFilms Fred Jardin
BETTINA IN THE FOG Lead Cinefemme Productions Michelle Kantor
IN THE APARTMENT Lead Firebird Films Hiroshi Nakajima
ATONEMENT Lead Independent Mike Kuchar
HOLD ME Supporting Coalition 5 Lars Bergbom
DUST Lead Mugluilo/Coutier        Kevin Mugluilo, Samuel Coutier
THE STRONGER Lead MugFilms Bernadette Wilson
A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR Lead Independent Joe Williams
DAPHNE OR THE FORBIDDEN TOUCH Supporting Rendezvous Productions Claudia Leger
HARD TO SWALLOW   Supporting Lucky B Productions Carl Weichert


THE CELIBATE Guest Star Bohemian Catfish Productions Bob Hilgenberg 
TRAUMA Co-Star NBC Jeffrey Reiner


FO / FAUX Multiple Roles Eastenders Repertory Amy Kilgard & Meredith Friedman
THE FROGS Persephone/Cerberus Atmos Theatre Stuart Bousel
WHEN FIVE YEARS PASS The Harlequin Mission Cultural Center Hector Zavala Garcia
IT IS WHAT IT IS Lena DomBella Productions Kathryn Wood
RABBIT HOLE Izzy Studio 300 Theatre Shari Carlson
TALKING MACHINE Daniella Auzzura Productions Erica Blue
LA RONDE                  The Prostitute    Goat Island  / Bella Union            Daria Hepps        
DESPERADOES Rebecca           One Act Wonders     Alan Goy
FEAR AND MISERY OF THE THIRD REICH Announcer        Theater Rhubarb       Mark Nishimura
PLAY IT AGAIN SAM Linda Pipedream Productions Erik Bergmann
DAYTRIPPERS IV (Best of Fringe 2001) Multiple Roles Rough Theatre LeAnne Rumbel
MISS FIRECRAKER CONTEST Understudy Pipedream Productions Micheal Pullium
AN EVENING WITH GARY LINEKER Birgitta Sausalito Players Philippe Rebours
CO-ED PRISON SLUTS The Warden Pipedream Productions Jim Fitzgerald
CAREER Sharon               Pipedream Productions Christie Ward
RADIO IS DEAD Hildy Pipedream Productions Mark Jackson


Master  Acting Class Shari Carlson Studio, SF (6yrs on-going)
Acting / Theatre Arts Studio 300, SF (4yrs), West Virginia University, Round House Theatre, MD
Singing Shari Carlson Studio, SF (5yrs on-going)
Improvisation Philip Newby, Upright Citizens Brigade 101 & 201
Filmmaking A.A. in Film Production, CCSF
Intermediate Ballet Theresa Gensler (9yrs), Alonzo King Lines (4 yrs), Edge Dance Center, Nancy Dobbs Owen
Modern / Jazz Dance Luana , 4yrs
6 Week Intensive Commercial and Film Auditioning Shari Carlson Studio, SF

Special Skills~

Dance/Movement: Intermediate Ballet, Modern, Jazz Dance, Yoga, Pilates
Music/Voice: Mezzo Soprano, Basic Classical Guitar, Basic Piano
Dialects: British RP, French, Irish, Good Ear
Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, (SF Art Institute, West Virginia University)
Athletics: Swimming, Skating, Softball, Bowling, Cartwheels